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Door: Kata

Hello Jan,

I would like to plant a line of apple and pear trees in a palmet form, as leiboomen and I would need 3 apples and 2 pear trees.

For the apples I was thinking on Jonathan, Golden delicious and a summer apple. Which one would you suggest? Are they cross fertilizing? For the pear I would like one which is in the Conference type (a hard one which can be kept for the winter), and a summer pear. Do you have a suggestion? I would prefer to have the 80 cm high struik met bloete wortel, is it still possible to plant them now?

Which type is the onderstam for the apple and pear trees you deliver?

Thank you very much, best regards,


Gepost : 6 mrt. 2014
Door: Jan de tuinman

Good afternoon,

As a summeraplle you can take Malus domestica 'James Grieve' which is self-fertilizing. The variety 'Jonathan' is also self-fertilizing. 'Golden delicious' is not, but is fertilized by 'James Grieve', therefor Malus domestica 'James Grieve' is the best option.

For the pears, you can use Pyrus communis 'Conference', which is self-fertilizing. In combination with 'Conference' you can use Pyrus communis 'Comtesse de Paris'. The 'Conference' will fertilize the 'Comtesse de Paris'

As summer pear, you can use Pyrus communis 'Clapp's Favourite'; which will be fertilized by 'Conference'.

Or you can use Pyrus communis 'Double Philippe' in combination with Clapp's Favourite.

It is possible to plant these trees with bare root till mid april.Some varieties are also available in container which you can plant all year round.

Kind regards,


Gepost : 6 mrt. 2014

Onderwerp: "apple and pear trees"

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