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Dear Jan,

I have a question about my garden. My house is located in a foresty area, which means there are a lot of acorn trees growing on my territory. I gather the leaves and try to create compost out of them, but they do not decompose very well. I was wondering if there is anything that can make the process of decomposition faster and, if yes, can I purchase it in your shop? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Kind regards,

Igor Vasilyev

Gepost : 16 mei 2013
Door: Jan de tuinman


Making compost with only one material is quite difficult. Acorn leaves decompose very slowly.

The best way for composting is putting small quantities of different organic material together, such as grass, leaves, vegetables,...

You can try to accelerate the composting process by adjusting other material than only acorn leaves.

I also need to notify that compost with only ahorn leaves will be quite acid, which is not that good for many plants.

Kind regards,


Gepost : 17 mei 2013

Onderwerp: "A question about my garden"

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