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Onderwerp: "NW hedge of Taxus Baccata"

Door: Pascal


I would be interested In a new hedge of Taxus Baccata. The length is 15m and I would like to gave plants of at least 1,2m as this plant only slowly grows. Could you let let me know how many plants do I need and how much it will cost me (including transport)? You can reply to me in French or Dutch as well.



Gepost : 24 feb. 2012
Door: Jan de tuinman


In the size 125/150 we would recommend 2 à 3 plants per meter. It depends on how fast you would like the hedge to be "closed".

For 15 meter you would need between 30 and 45 plants.

The price for Taxus baccata in the size 125/150 is 54,00 euro (02/2012) per piece. they are delivered free of charge for an order of 200 euro or more.

Kind regards,


Gepost : 1 mrt. 2012

Onderwerp: "NW hedge of Taxus Baccata"

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